OnlineFuels makes life easier for fuel buyers.


How? By connecting them directly with sellers of fuel, live and in one place.
Once connected, buyers can negotiate by placing a bid or simply buy at the click of a button.

We work with:

Providers of fuel to homes, farms and industry >>
Through us, distributors can buy at the click of a button. Which means they can focus on what's most important to them - delivering fuel, and an exemplary service, to their customers.
Forecourt Owners
Owners of petrol stations and independent fuel filling sites >>
With our help, forecourt owners are able to make smarter fuel buying decisions. Which saves them money where it counts.
Commercial Users
Buyers of fuel in commercial markets >>
With us, commercial users can buy their bunker card transfers quickly and easily. Which gives them one less thing to worry about.

Who buy fuel:

Fuel collected directly from the terminal >>
We provide you with access to all of your supplier's ex-rack prices, live and in one place.
Network Transfers
Diesel ordered for bunker card accounts >>
We give you multiple supplier prices for the Key fuels and UK Fuels bunker card network.
Fuel delivered directly to your site >>
Through us, you can order fuel and arrange a haulier to bring it directly to your site.

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Our platform

OnlineFuels is the UK’s leading independent fuel buying platform. And for good reason. We provide buyers of fuel with access to all their purchasing options, live and in one place. Because we understand that greater market visibility makes for smarter purchases.


Buying fuel through us is simple. Just login to your personalised dashboard to view multiple supplier prices. Our powerful reporting tools and live market intelligence gives you even greater insight, helping you to take the initiative whenever making a purchase.


We care about making the fuel buying process as smooth as possible. It’s why we’ve taken the time to speak with distributors across the industry, in order to identify your main concerns and pain points. Our efficient, industry-leading platform is the result of these efforts.

Trusted by industry leaders

Why choose OnlineFuels?

Seamless. Insightful. And, most importantly, easy to use. The OnlineFuels platform is perfectly designed for those in the fuel industry. Login anywhere, buy fuel instantly and watch your business thrive.

Save time

Buy fuel at the click of a button.

Anytime, anywhere

Purchase fuel on the go simply with our mobile-friendly site.

Save money

Informed purchases are kinder to your wallet.

Live Market Information

Follow key market movements.

Trusted by industry leaders

Trusted partner of the UK's leading fuel suppliers.

Targeted bids

Name your price, place a bid and negotiate in real time.