Buy your bulk fuel online

The OnlineFuels platform is built to streamline your bulk fuel buying process. If you’re a fuel distributor, forecourt owner or commercial fuel buyer– this dashboard is built for you. Save hours of time and hundreds of pounds comparing your prices online from your existing and new suppliers and ordering at the click of a button.

Simplify your purchasing

Set market alerts

Set market alerts to your requirements and receive a notification each time the market falls below your chosen figure.

Buy at the offer price or negotiate

Along with the ability to purchase your bulk fuel at the click of a button, you are also able to place a bid into the market against your chosen fuel. This is visible to all your available suppliers and is responded to within 2.5 minutes, on average.

Main suppliers and products

Whether you're a distributor, forecourt owner or commercial fuel buyer, the platform offers you the ability to purchase your Kerosene, Gasoil and Diesel from major suppliers from locations all over the UK. You can also bunker into the UK Fuels and Keyfuels networks.

Live market

Clear and accurate market charts

Make informed decisions on your fuel purchasing using the live market charts. See historical data and spot trends to make sure you buy your bulk fuel at the right moment.

Market change

Along with our detailed graphs, you can make use of our tool that shows whether the market is trading up or down and by how much.

Ready to simplify your fuel buying?

Detailed reports and insights

See your volume

See an overview of your previous orders, between a set of your desired dates and export them to a spreadsheet to reconcile against liftings and supplier invoices

Set targets & monitor performance (coming soon)

Set monthly targets for yourself or your team and monitor these on your dashboard with visual graphs and detailed insights

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