Independent platform connecting buyers and sellers of fuel electronically.


At OnlineFuels we're revolutionising the fuel buying process with the power of technology. OnlineFuels is an independent exchange, connecting buyers and sellers of physical oil electronically. We have created a dynamic, live online marketplace, allowing all purchasing options to be seen in one place, offering a quick and easy transaction.

As a buyer, the platform allows you to either purchase ex-rack, delivered in, or into the network instantly. The platform also has the unique element of placing a bid into the marketplace, for all selected suppliers to see, or you can buy at a fixed price. Having different price options in the same place ensures you get the price you want.   

As a seller, you can see buying demand in all geographical locations and create offers based on a fixed price or linking directly to market movements. The platform allows sellers to show customers bespoke credit limits, credit days and also a specific premium or discount.

You are in full control with OnlineFuels.



OnlineFuels offers numerous benefits to buyers of Oil

  • Quicker buying process
  • Faster price discovery of the market
  • Comparison of fuel suppliers
  • Knowledge on UK market, outside standard geographical regions
  • Refine searches based on multiple criteria
  • Live market information
  • Ability to create bids in the marketplace


OnlineFuels offers numerous benefits to sellers of Oil

  • Quicker selling process
  • Track market movements with a set premium
  • See demand by any geographical location
  • Complete audit trail on all transactions
  • Ability to approve every deal
  • No credit exposure
  • Sell bulk amounts of fuel quickly and discreetly

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