You need to buy fuel at the best price, not spend time finding it. allows you to compare multiple prices and order all your fuel- all on one dashboard.
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Manage your depots.

Upload your full depot information list including; locations, opening times and special requirements and see available fuel and delivery prices for each one on one dashboard.

Order with a click.

See a price you like for the product you want? Whether it’s UK Fuels, Keyfuels or Full Load deliveries,  click ‘buy’ and we’ll do the rest.

Fuel delivered.

For the first time ever you can compare the price of delivered bulk fuel, including haulage rates, from multiple suppliers. Order full loads and have them delivered directly to your depot.

The all in one fuel ordering and price management platform

Designed with years of in-depth user feedback- the platform allows you to order fuel, negotiate the best prices, have fuel delivered, chat with your suppliers and see purchasing reports. All in one platform.

Take a full load off your shoulders

Have your full load fuel delivered directly to your depot with the click of a button. Choose your product, your price, your date. The rest is organised for you.

Full audit trail and advanced reports

With all your order data captured and stored on the platform, you can build extensive reports to breakdown your spending at each depot location, fuel types bought and times of purchase. You are also able to export all your order history and reports for use in your external records.

Easy ordering with more supply options

The platform shows live prices that are updated every thirty seconds. This gives you unrivalled market visibility and allows you to make smarter purchasing decisions at any point during the day. We’ll also help connect you with more suppliers to make sure you have certainty of supply.

Why our users love OnlineFuels
Read some testimonials from our existing users.
My experience working with OnlineFuels has been excellent. It’s an exciting new product that takes away the pressures of buying fuel and replaces it with a great online platform.
Alex Paton - Fuel Card Manager
Johnston Fuels
OnlineFuels is a really useful tool. It’s simple to use, helping us make quick and efficient purchases.

Patrick Smith - Commercial Manager
Portland Fuel