Easily compare UK Fuels and Keyfuels network bunker card prices from multiple suppliers

Onlinefuels.com allows you to compare multiple prices from various major suppliers and order all your fuel bunkering transfers for your fleet – all on one dashboard.
Dashboard displaying UK Fuels prices

Bunker into your fuel card networks.

View UK Fuels prices and Keyfuels prices easily on one dashboard and order from major suppliers throughout the day. View live market changes that update every 30 seconds and order at the best time for you.

Order with a click.

See a price you like for the product you want? Whether it’s UK Fuels, Keyfuels click ‘buy’ and we’ll sort the rest.

Compare fuel prices.

For the first time ever you can compare the price of UK Fuels and Keyfuels prices from major suppliers such as Prax, Motor Fuel Group and Word Fuel Services on one online platform.

The all in one fuel ordering and price management platform

Designed with years of in-depth user feedback- the platform allows you to order fuel, view the best prices, have fuel delivered, chat with your suppliers and see purchasing reports. All in one platform. As well as hosting competitive UK Fuels and Keyfuels prices, it can do much more for your commercial fleets fuel needs. Just see below…

UK’s leading Bunker networks

We work with various suppliers that bunker into the UK Fuels Bunker card network and the Keyfuels Direct network. This is currently for commercial users or distributors that already have pre-exisiting fuel bunkering arrangements with suppliers such as Motor Fuel Group, Prax and World Fuel Services.

Buy bulk fuel at commercial rates – and compare these rates from multiple suppliers.

Bunkering into the UK Fuels or Keyfuels network gives you the advantages of having bulk fuel at commercial rates available at over 2000 sites nationwide. The OnlineFuels platform adds to this pricing advantage by allowing you to compare these prices from multiple suppliers on one dashboard.

Best UK Fuels and Keyfuels Prices.

The OnlineFuels platform tracks the live market market every 30 seconds. This gives you unrivalled market visibility as you can view market changes and make smarter purchasing decisions and reduce your fuel expenses.

Why our users love OnlineFuels
Read some testimonials from our existing users.
My experience working with OnlineFuels has been excellent. It’s an exciting new product that takes away the pressures of buying fuel and replaces it with a great online platform.
Alex Paton - Fuel Card Manager
Johnston Fuels
OnlineFuels is a really useful tool. It’s simple to use, helping us make quick and efficient purchases.

Patrick Smith - Commercial Manager
Portland Fuel