OnlineFuels Customer Success Story: Fuel Oils

OnlineFuels Customer Success Story: Fuel Oils

We’re left feeling extremely proud when we hear how our platform has positively impacted a users business. So proud, in fact, that we invited Fuel Oils into the office to capture what they had to say on camera.

Without spoiling the video too much, Bernie Emmerson and John Dickinson joined us for the afternoon to discuss how the OnlineFuels platform helped them save time and money.


Favourite quotes…

“It saves us having to spend twenty minutes, as a minimum, phoning around to get a price”

“It makes a total difference to the way we buy fuel”

“…my concerns, in the beginning, were totally unfounded, but you’ll only find that out if you give it a go”

“Three words isn’t enough. It’s the best thing to happen to the industry”


Grab some popcorn (not too much, we kept it as short as possible) and see how the OnlineFuels platform has helped Fuel Oils and how it can help you too.

Sam Hunter
Sam Hunter
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