FPS 2019 Recap

Thank you.

Thanks to everyone who visited our stand at the FPS Expo 2019. It was great to see you all and also really positive to see so many other exciting stands.

To get the stand and product ready in time wasn’t easy and we certainly felt the pressure but thanks to our amazing team in the office, it all came together.  Miracles do happen!!

And, it was all worth it because we received a great reception to the new platform.

Here are the main things that came out of the event for us (and a hangover isn’t one of them…):


  • Feedback, Feedback, Feedback

There is no better place to showcase a new platform than at the biggest industry event of the year.

We were able to demo the V2 platform to our existing customers along with some great new potential customers – and the feedback was really positive.  Some of the real quotes:

“Wow, it has come such a long way!  There are some changes in there and it looks so much slicker”

“So, I can order split loads for delivered-in on the platform by filling out that form?”

“We’re going to buy a new screen for the office just to show the platform on it all day”

Hearing customers say these things gives us great reassurance that we’re doing something right!  

We were also given valuable suggestions on what to develop next – as this is just the start of a slew of new tools and developments that we’ll be rolling out over the coming months.  


  • Affiliate and integrations opportunities.

Seeing the developments across the exhibition was good news for the industry. It is slowly becoming more digital, and we are prepared and ready to integrate into other ETRMs and systems currently used.

We also received a few queries about becoming an affiliate. We are developing this avenue and happy to talk with any potential partners that are interested. Just send the team an email and we’ll be happy to discuss.


  • A push to launch the new Version ASAP

Everyone’s been waiting and our platform has been in test mode for a number of weeks.  We are SO close and can’t wait to give you access! We’re all ready to go live so if you want to trial the new version please get in touch.

Overall, a positive exhibition and an enjoyable time to catch up with you all – existing users and new. We’re looking forward to the release of the platform coming shortly.

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P.P.S. There’s one extra thing we learned. Don’t put your own stand up.


Sam Hunter
Sam Hunter
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