An Independent Fuel Buying Platform

An Independent Fuel Buying Platform

You’ve probably seen our name around recently (I’m a big fan of emails). We’ve been talking about the release of our new dashboard, new transaction emails and the coming delivered-in feature, but we’ve not really fully addressed our fundamental features on one page and explained what a fuel buying platform is. So here we go.

We’re an independent fuel buying platform

We’re a completely independent platform, in that all the orders that go through on the site are still between you and the supplier. We are simply here to connect you to suppliers, new and existing, all in one place, and to give you greater market visibility. You can sign up here.

Live market Information

We provide live market tracking, with visual graphs to help you make informed decisions. Similar to finally learning how to drive- you don’t know how much you’ve been missing out on until you start driving everywhere. It’s the same with market information available on the same dashboard that you make your purchases. Magic-like.

Bidding functions

Negotiating prices has always been a part of buying fuel, so it was crucial that we added this capability to the platform to make buying your fuel online better and easier than traditional methods. Although you are able to see the best offers available from multiple suppliers in terminals across the UK, you are able to place a bid in the market and receive a response within seconds in the form of an accepted order or counteroffer.

Spending reports

Every order you complete through the platform is available on one page. Along with volume, amount, terminal, collection dates etc. Everything you need is there. We know how busy your desk can get liaising with various suppliers in multiple terminals, this is built to streamline this.

We share your interests

Our purpose is to provide what’s frustrating during any part of the process of your fuel purchasing. We are always looking for your feedback and providing it will be just as beneficial to you. To put it in cliche form; help us help you. We’re always happy to talk about how we can improve your experience, whether that’s over the phone (+ 44 (0) 203 675 5000) or via email.

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Sam Hunter
Sam Hunter
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