Interview with our Newest Recruit

Interview with our Newest Recruit

At OnlineFuels, we work closely with Newcastle University to give experience to great emerging talent. This year, we welcome Tavija Norbutaite to the team. Tavija is here to help us with our sales and marketing operations as well as being our customer success ambassador, ensuring you get the most out of the platform. As an introduction, we asked Tavija a few questions. See what she had to say below…


Tell us a bit about yourself.


Hey everyone! For starters, my name is Tavija (ignore the ‘j’ if that makes it easier to pronounce it). I grew up in Lithuania, did an exchange year in the USA (you’ll notice that this is where part of my accent comes from), and eventually ended up at Newcastle University in the UK.

I have been a gymnast for over ten years, continued as a basketball cheerleader for BC Zalgiris, THE BEST basketball team in Lithuania, and worked for the same basketball club for two summers in the sales department. What can I say, Lithuanians LOVE basketball!

I have now moved to London and I’m really looking forward to the new adventures this year will bring.


This is a part of your University course. Why did you decide to do an Internship?


I was always very eager to get a hands-on experience. Starting from a very early age I was a school activist. In teenage years I was organizing various events as well as managing multiple student groups. I honestly believe that just having a degree in any business subject is not enough to be fully competent and compete in the job market.

University has opened completely new doors for me and I wanted to take advantage of this while I had the chance. I would have hated myself if I didn’t take this opportunity to explore my ‘early potential’, apply all the knowledge and skills I’ve gained during my 2 years at university, and become an oil industry guru.


What are you hoping to achieve in the next 12 months?


Within OnlineFuels, I’m hoping to build relationships with companies outside of our usual client list, as well as enhance the connections we have with our current clients. I’m also looking to improve my skill set in various areas such as: marketing, customer relationships, sales and just really gain as much knowledge and experience from the industry as possible.

Generally, I really want to experience London work life and make new friends (I’m still getting used to an occasional beer or two after work). Ultimately, my goal in any scenario is to enjoy what I do.


What attracted you to OnlineFuels?


When searching for placement year opportunities, I applied for roles at various larger companies that I now know wouldn’t have been a good fit for me. When I saw this opportunity, I was intrigued by the idea of working in a startup. The position promised various experience and flexibility.

Some might think that a girl going into the oil industry might not be the obvious choice, but with my family having a background in logistics, and my previous work experience in the sports industry as a salesperson, I already have a big advantage. It was the natural step for me to apply without even considering other options. Safe to say, I stopped applying to any other companies after my first interview. That’s how much I loved it and knew it would be the best fit.


What are you going to bring to OnlineFuels?


Everyone needs their personal cheerleader, so that is going to be me from now on. On a more serious note, though, I will be focusing on building relationships with our customers, managing accounts, bringing market insight and applying my organizational skills everywhere I go. I’m not going to lie, I LOVE spreadsheets, so consolidating our data and information to make the team’s life easier is one of my priorities.


Top tip for anyone looking to join OnlineFuels?


The only thing I was afraid of when applying, was that I know nothing about the oil industry. Luckily, everyone here is so friendly and helpful so you will learn everything in no time. In the two weeks after I started, I learnt so much information that my head almost exploded. Now, I actually understand what the differences are between D-1, D-2 and live prices- this and so many more things that I’d never even heard of before. You’ll be talking oil jargon without even realising in no time. So, my top tip would be GO FOR IT.

It’s a very exciting opportunity to join OnlineFuels, especially at this stage of the business. I see such big prospects for this company and I truly believe that anyone looking to work for, or with, OnlineFuels should be excited too, as this is something everyone will be talking about very soon, especially after our PR plan falls into place.


Your favourite thing about the role so far?


I would definitely say it is the people behind the business and the market itself. When I was first told that everyone is extremely friendly I didn’t really believe it, but the first few weeks has proved to me that they weren’t joking. I’ve talked to many people, ranging from secretaries to company owners. Everyone has been very warm and welcoming.

My co-workers are also here to help a lot. Any question I have are answered with depth and huge knowledge. I really enjoy working with people and I believe that this warm community will continue to exceed my expectations.


Finally, if you were a drink, what would you be and why?   


To be completely honest, I would transition into 3 different drinks throughout the day…

In the morning, I’d be a glass of wine, because one glass puts you to sleep, but two glasses or more will wake you up. During the day I’d have to be a Jägerbomb. Always exploding. Always doing the impossible. Then in the evening, I’d be a beer, because everyone likes it, just some don’t know it yet.

Tavija Norbutaite
Tavija Norbutaite
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