It’s FPS Expo 2019 Week

It’s FPS Expo 2019 week and we’re excited. Like our developer, Jonathan, waiting to go and see Paul McCartney live in concert kinda excited.


Yes, they’re cardboard cutouts of Paul McCartney


We’re at Stand 115 this year, which is ironic because that’s the percentage of how much effort the team have put into providing a brilliant show.

We will be showcasing the brand new platform which is a huge improvement on the previous version. Not only in looks and simplicity of use, but the functionality it provides. Essentially, it handles more complex tasks on an interface that’s easier for you to use.

Things you’ll be able to take for a spin…

Delivered in. A fully functional test of ordering delivered in fuel online. The only independent platform that gives you this capability and you can try it for the first time before the wider release.

Live chat and negotiations. Negotiate with your suppliers for the best price on your fuel using live chat on the platform. You can negotiate with multiple suppliers at once, so you choose the supplier you want to purchase from.

Easy ordering. Each day your suppliers upload their prices onto the platform. Throughout the day it tracks the live market (every 30 seconds). You can compare prices and order your fuel with the click of a button at any point.

And much more, including contract offers, purchasing reports and live market graphs to name a few.


Drop your details off at the stand to be in with a chance of winning an Amazon Alexa™.

Get in touch to arrange a one-to-one demo or just pop by.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Sam Hunter
Sam Hunter
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