New Transactional Emails

New Transactional Emails

We’re on a mission to improve every day. Whether it’s a tiny change or a dramatic increase in functionality- we are forever moving forward.

Thanks to your feedback that we have received on our journey online and at the FPS Expo, we have made some considerable changes to our platform and general usability.

One huge part of this change was the transactional emails we were sending out. Although they were full of the right information, they were lacking clarity and information was hard to find.

We’ve put these into the garage for a tune-up and they are now live on the platform, ready to be used.

The best way to properly view them is by placing a bid- so fire away (but here’s a peak on us- completely gratis)


new transactional emails screenshot


Lastly, our improvements come as a direct response from your input, so let us know how good they are… (or bad)

P.S. Feel free to ask any questions, just send an email to swh@onlinefuels.local. I’ll answer every one

Sam Hunter
Sam Hunter
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