Remote Working

Since we’ve all been thrust into working remotely, I thought I’d curate a list of some of the tools you can use to stay connected.


You may have heard of some, or all, of the tools, but if not, I hope you find something useful. I’ve also included a few tips to keep the team morale high.



  • Slack (for team communication).
  • Shared email inbox (if you have a central inbox e.g. info@ you can set up a shared email inbox to make sure any queries are handled and not missed or duplicated).
  • Go-to-Meeting (for meetings with clients, screen sharing is a bonus here).
  • Cloud-based office package e.g. G-Suite (for easy collaboration).
  • Project management (tools like Product Board and Jira provide a roadmap and clear tasks to be done in order to follow that direction. Both provide a huge amount of visibility and is heavily used even in the office).
  • Cloud-based fuel ordering and management (OnlineFuels offers a centralised solution for your team to view suppliers pricing and market movements from home).



Face to face meetings can still go ahead with video call tools and a webcam, but screen sharing is possibly more valuable than video calls as you can discuss the information presented more easily.


Cloud-based office packages such as Google’s G-Suite are invaluable as your team can work on documents, spreadsheets and powerpoints together and in real time.


Visibility is an immediate negative response people face when the team is working from home. A simple way of keeping everyone in the loop is having a shared Google Doc and listing key company news on it using bullet points; newest at the top. Keeps everyone informed and takes two seconds to update.


Culture shouldn’t die when your team is working remotely. Start a Slack channel or email thread that’s dedicated to ‘Interesting things you’ve done at the weekend’ or something along those lines.


Subscribe to industry newsletters such as Fuel Oil News, BBC and/or the Financial Times.


And it may be worth investing in a webcam cover. Just in case.

Sam Hunter
Sam Hunter

Sam joined OnlineFuels to help with all things marketing. With a background in freelance Web Design and Content Writing, he's decided to bring his talents in-house to help drive the OnlineFuels brand!

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