A View from the Office

A View from the Office

It receives a lot of hype and is gaining huge amounts of traction across the country, but we could quite possibly be the only ones in the UK downstream oil market to be in one. It’s co-working.

If you’re unfamiliar with co-working spaces, they’re essentially huge offices that house multiple businesses on the same floors or even desks. It’s teeming with new talent, from individual freelancers right through to established 10+ people businesses. Sounds like it’s Wall Street at exchange opening time by description, but let me explain the beauty of it and why we chose this over everything else.

First, we’re a technology startup. We’re building a product that will help you buy fuel from your favourite suppliers, give the cheapest Delivered-in quote from a range of hauliers and give you detailed reports that will make your admin and business analysis 10x easier- all from just an idea.

We’ve had to design the product, the functions, the brand, the team, everything- from scratch. And for this, we needed an environment that supports us while we grow.

We picked a venue called Huckletree in Shoreditch. It steps away from the quiet office of repetitive tasks and is bustling with people giving it a go on their own for the first time.

Whilst having this sense of fresh, raw integrity, it boasts standout facilities, layout and decor. A completely open plan office with picnic benches in the canteen, a ten-foot neon light reminding you to ‘Stay Curious’, a huge auditorium that houses over a hundred people to hear talks from CEO’s of established enterprises, business personalities and key speakers, and a hit and miss coffee machine.

Although we have five people in-house, you’d be wowed by our workspace. The impression the office gives off is that five hundred people work with us.

To anyone, the working environment is a crucial factor in the quality of work produced, morale and general wellbeing. We want to be the youthful team in the industry, and attract the best raw talent and harbour their energy to push things forward. Every time we have a new candidate in for an interview, they fall in love with the environment. Every. Time.

From my experience here, it seems to be doing the trick. I’m in a team of immensely talented and driven individuals, that are yet some of the best team players I have ever worked with.

Although it sounds busy, the reality is that the place is littered with personal chillout areas where you can work in peace. As I am writing this, I am sat, feet up on the sofa, mocha next to me(don’t judge, it’s the bad coffee machine) and no one else in sight.

Since we are aiming to make your whole fuel buying process much simpler, there is no real end to the product and its possibilities. This is where coworking stands on its own. There are endless events where you can learn new skills or viewpoints on the challenges that you are facing. In that sense, we are not just a team of five.  But this isn’t the best part.

We can’t forget the after-work drinks provided on Thursdays. It’s a chance to wind down and catch up with completely different businesses.

Our office makes working enjoyable and sociable, like working from a cafe. It makes our work better so we can build you an even greater product. We think it’s essential for a growing team.

We’re always on the lookout for more heroes that are driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, team participation and a passion to succeed. Fancy it? Give us a shout.

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Sam Hunter
Sam Hunter
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